Low patient recruitment in clinical trials is one of the biggest challenges that Sponsors, CROs, and Sites must overcome.

And that’s where we come in.

Once site selection has occurred a sponsor contracts a patient recruitment vendor to assist the sites with meeting their enrollment goals.  But not every site's recruitment needs are the same.  Why purchase TV, radio, print, or even digital marketing for sites that typically do not use outside marketing to recruit subjects?  We customize our packages based on the Sponsor's needs for that particular protocol.  We offer services to assist your sites on any level, whether they are a site that only uses their internal network of patients to recruit from or they are site that needs help generating new outside leads.

Rocket Referral App


The Rocket Referral App was designed to help connect PI's with their sub-investigators and local referring physicians.  Gone are the days of passing out laminated inclusion/exclusion criteria cards to all the sub-investigators and referring physicians and hoping they refer into your study.  With the Rocket Referral App, we make it easy for the referring physicians to access the main criteria of a protocol, refer subjects into the trial with one click, and send notifications to the study team when a new referral lead is generated.  When a referring lead has advanced in the trial and Randomizes, the referring physicians upon providing the site staff with the patients medical records, is eligible to receive an administrative fee for their efforts.  While this fee is optional, it helps incentivize physicians to continue to refer patients into the trial

Digital Marketing

We create highly targeted campaigns using multiple platforms that attract the people most likely to be interested in your studies. Unlike other patient recruitment vendors that may offer digital and social media marketing as an additional strategy, at Rocket Trials it is our expertise. 

In fact, we are so confident in our strategies that we guarantee the number of leads we provide.  And if we fail to provide the quoted number of leads, then we will continue to run the campaign until the lead quote has been met.  We understand that an outside marketing lead is not as reliable is an internal physician referral.  With outside marketing, these leads require more work to schedule, obtain medical records, etc. which contributes to a drop off in conversion.  We provide our clients with high overall lead quotes to account for this drop off rate.  Additionally, if a client requests our pre-screening services, then the lead quote is based on not just the total amount of leads received but rather the number of leads that will pass the pre-screener and be deemed an eligible patient.